Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Politics of "na na na na na nah!"

I am fed up of politicians and political parties putting each other down. Do you know what I mean? Your party hasn't done this... Your party has done na na na na nah! It's particularly come up recently over the NHS put downs. I am as cross by our politicians seeing it as an opportunity to dig at another party as I am by the right wing Americans who are too naive to know better anyway. If my children acted in this way to each other I'd have them standing against a wall to a count of ten or sending them to their room to consider their attitude. While I'm at it... Does anyone else hate it when local political party fliers constantly put down other parties... "The conservatives haven't achieved this", "The Lib Dems have made a mess of that", "Labour has ignored the other" etc etc. I'm waiting to vote for the party that just tells me (truthfully) what they plan to do without putting other parties down. I'm ready to vote for the party whose flyer says "x party has done the best they were able and if elected this is how we would build upon it". Anyone else ready to vote for them too?

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